Posted by: cyndera | May 31, 2010

So … what’s a shark-crazy, sheep-adoring, turtle-loving librarian?

The answer is easy: A librarian who admires sharks and wishes her bathtub was big enough to house a Carcharodon carcharias (also known as the Great White Shark). Since this is not an option -even Bath Fitters could not help here- I resort to the next best thing: Going to where the sharks are. So far this has been a tank at the New Jersey Aquarium, but I am working on getting my diver’s license so I can go and maybe look a shark in the eye … for my husband’s sake this will be from the safety of a cage.

Sheep-adoring might sound silly, and I have been told that sheep are the most stupid animals on the face of the planet. I wonder what that says about me … Nevertheless, I just think they are cute.

Then we have the turtles, of which I own two. Red-ear sliders, to be exact. I adopted them from an ex-co-worker, who had them in a tiny box in her office. Since they came to my house I had to buy two new aquariums to accommodate their growth-rate. They are fascinating, funny, and relaxing to watch.

I should add that I am also a dog and cat lover. I am mommy to a Siberian husky and two shelter cats. The husky also came from a shelter, but we are pretty sure he is purebred. Not that I care, but his blue eyes are just adorable.

Now that you know what an interesting person I am (weird, as my husband would say), I hope that you will find my blog interesting. I try to focus on current issues that I come across and connect them to the library world in some way that makes sense.




  1. After spending several years in the UK, I agree that sheep are adorable creatures – especially when they all jump simultaneously into the spring air!

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