Posted by: cyndera | August 20, 2010

My last day at LoC

Yep, today is my last day at the Library of Congress. I can’t believe time went by so quickly.

I completed my projects, learned a lot, and maybe made some new friends. I am sad it is over though. I love the people here, they are awesomely knowledgeable and friendly, and the workplace is just awesome. Everything I could wish for and more at my fingertips. And I am sure I have not even touched 10% percent of all the resources.

I wanted to share some funny questions that I have come across in the past few days:

– What is the probability of becoming a billionaire?

– Who is the architect and when was the building built? (She did not bother mentioning which building she means …)

– Security Guard comes to the reference desk: “Ma’am, do you know where I can find the key to the roof? There is a shooter in the streets, and we need to get up there.”  HMMMMM … what reference category does that fall under? Business, Science, Technology … oh, wait, management stupidity, that’s it.

– What is my name? (Seriously, this came through the Ask-a-Librarian service … we did not have the answer.)


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