Posted by: cyndera | September 13, 2010

Today at the Reference Desk

Man: Can I use my laptop here (“here” being the law library)
Me: Yes, or you can use the quiet reading room if you’d like.
Man: That’s okay, I make weird noises all the time, so I better stay out here.

Man: I have heard that you automatically become a resident of Fredericksburg if you stay at a hotel for longer than 90 days. Can you check the City Code for me?
Me: Sure, just a second … nope, there is nothing that specifies this.
Man: Are you sure that there is no such law? I have heard there is!
(This goes on for like 10 minutes).
Me: Let me call the city and find out … (call) … I spoke to the Clerk of Court, and she also does not know anything about it.
Man: Oh well, I’ll come back tomorrow then. (Maybe the code has changed by then).


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