Posted by: cyndera | September 17, 2010

Libraries Will Survive -Part 2

It’s been one week since “Libraries Will Survive” was posted to the CRRL’s YouTube account and we’ve gotten some great feedback on it. Thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word! Viewers have left enthusiastic and appreciative comments on our YouTube pages and on many websites. At this point, we have over 14,000 combined views for both videos.

As a reminder, the full video is:
And the shorter version with just the music is:

Perhaps most excitingly, we were featured on an NBC Chicago news program this morning. The anchors missed the point a bit, but it’s still great exposure:

The list below includes many of the sites that have posted our video.

WIRED magazine:

Libraries and librarians: (under More Videos)
and this very well-designed library website:

South African –
Estonian –
Swedish –
French –
French –
Polish –
Hungarian –
Portuguese –

(Vote for us!)


According to this analysis, we’re being shared by over 200 Facebook users:

Lots of great support from these Tweets:


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