Posted by: cyndera | September 24, 2010

Libraries Will Survive – Week 2

In the second week since “Libraries Will Survive” was posted online we’ve continued to attract great feedback and supportive comments on the CRRL’s YouTube account. The following list includes this week’s new publicity and links, many of which also have encouraging comments and editorials. Currently we have over 64,000 total views!

As a reminder, the full video is:
And the shorter version with just the music is:   


(same story)  

Free Lance-Star:  

We’ve been nominated for a Best Library Video Award in the Musical category:  

A librarian with the Cité Library of the Geneva Municipal Library Network in Switzerland showed his support for our advocacy by joining our Friends of the Library.  

CNN iReport:  

AOL Video: (

news coverage)  

Librarians and Writers: 

Spanish –
Lithuanian –
Portuguese –
Indian –
Italian – French –
German –
Chinese – Russian –



According to this site, we’re being shared by 920 Facebook users:  



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