Posted by: cyndera | October 23, 2010

Please Support Library Funding!

Click the picture to support this campaign

Libraries are important! Surprised? Some people are. Why would libraries be important? They have books and … well, that’s it, right? Wrong! We have so much more than books. We are your one-stop-shop place for pretty much everything you need in life. Okay, we can’t give you money, but we have all the information you need (and movies, too!). But why, you might ask, should I go there. There is Redbox, Netflix, and Google. And the internet has all I need. Well, think again. The internet is like an iceberg, and Google only sees the tip. The stuff that’s under water, yep, you don’t get to see. Plus, do you know that the web site you get your information from is legit and up-to-date?

And what about learning new things? Libraries offer awesome classes on computer software, how to look for a job, how to write a resume, and so much more.

Face it: Libraries are important, especially when money is short. People flock to libraries even more when times are tough. Support your library, speak up!


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