Posted by: cyndera | January 5, 2011

Tax Time is Around the Corner

It’s that time of the year again: The IRS wants our money, or, if we are lucky, will send us a check to give back some of those hard-earned dollars. But let’s be honest: Tax time can be stressful, and tax forms can be quite confusing.

That’s why the library offers free instruction booklets for your 2010 Federal Income Taxes as well as the Form 1040EZ.

Don’t procrastinate: Stop by the law library to pick up your copy today and be done with your taxes in the blink of an eye. The librarians are also able to print a copy of the form that you need to complete your paperwork for 2010.

Please keep in mind that library staff (including the law libarian) cannot answer any questions about your taxes (such as which form to use and how to fill it out). We are, however, happy to help you find resources that will answer those questions.

See the CRRL Law Blog for more information and helpful links.

I wish you a Happy New Year and a stress-free tax time.


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